With much of Australia in lockdown, healthcare dominates concerns, followed by the economy and environment

With Australia now into its second year of responding to COVID-19, healthcare remains the dominant community concern, even more so than earlier in the pandemic. When asked to name up to three issues that personally interest or concern them the most, and that the Australian Government should focus on, a majority of adults (59%) describe issues related to hospitals, healthcare and ageing.

Willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine is high across all age groups, but views are mixed on incentives for doing so

In July 2021, amid limited vaccine eligibility and supply, seven in ten (73%) of Australians claim to be at least partially vaccinated (28%) or planning to have a vaccine when it becomes available to them (45%, including 32% who definitely plan to). This suggests public sentiment is on track to meet the 70% vaccination rate set by national cabinet for leaving lockdowns largely behind.