Jaime Young

Strategy Director

Jaime Young

Over 20 years, Jaime Young has built a career expertly communicating some of the biggest key government policy reforms and initiatives impacting Victorians. Jaime’s knowledge and strategic advice has been relied on by Ministers and government at local, state and federal levels. Extensive public sector marketing and communications experience coupled with a Master of Public Policy and Management have afforded Jaime a unique understanding of policy development and implementation as well as effective communication.

Identifying the most effective interventions and communications approaches through interrogating and developing a robust evidence base (through research) have mitigated risks and ensured impact. Jaime also has a proven ability to impact both individual behaviours as well as whole of community awareness and attitudes.

Areas of expertise include:

  • campaign management
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • providing expert advice on communicating public policy
  • media planning and buying
  • social media
  • contract management
  • providing art direction
  • managing advertising agencies to deliver outcomes
  • strategic communications
  • copywriting
  • stakeholder engagement
  • budget management (up to $8.4 million)
Jaime Young, Strategy Director, JWS Research

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