Concerns about health and ageing, immigration and borders, and the environment are top of mind for Aussies.

Health concerns, including issues such as mental health, health funding and the NDIS are followed by immigration and border security, and the environment and climate change.

Following the recent Adelaide hearings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, issues around aged care are top of mind, in addition to mental health, health funding and the NDIS. When asked to name up to three issues that personally interest or concern them the most that the Australian Government should focus on, 29% of Australians describe issues related to hospitals, healthcare and ageing.

Almost one in four (23%) raise concerns about immigration and border security. Amid ongoing public discussion of the ‘Medivac Bill’, issues around border protection, illegal immigrants and refugees are top of mind, in addition to broader concerns about immigration.

Relative issue priorities change when respondents are prompted with a list of issues to choose from, but health remains the top concern for Australians regardless.

Australians spontaneously mention issues with heavy media attention such as immigration and border security, the environment and climate change as top concerns, but when prompted with a list of issues, cost of living is their second-most pressing concern behind health.

True Issues is a research tool to assist Australian businesses understand where their issues truly sit within the contemporary issues landscape. This poll was conducted as an online survey between 21st – 25th February among a representative national sample of 1,000 Australians aged 18+ years.

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