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Find out what they’re thinking. That is our promise, and that is what we do.

At JWS Research, our researchers are constantly travelling and listening to the community across the length and breadth of Australia. We talk to everyday people every day.

We listen, we explore, we challenge, we understand, we know how to get to the heart of your issue, with your customers, your shareholders and the public at large.

We don’t stop until we uncover the strategic insight that makes the all-important difference.

Started over a decade ago, JWS Research has grown quickly to become an industry leader and one of the most respected firms for providing research-based advice to the government and business sectors in Australia, particularly on complex and challenging issues.

For expert, independent evidence-based advice, talk to us today.

Our story - JWS Research

What we do

On every project, you can expect hands-on involvement of our senior team, deep experience drawn from extensive research for industry, business and government, strategic advice on challenging issues, and the highest quality service delivery on time and within budget.

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Our team

The strength of JWS Research lies in the experience, expertise and passion of our people. Our research team is made up of individuals who have experience and expertise across a wide range of industries, sectors and methodological approaches. Every member of our team is driven by an underlying passion to find out what people are thinking.

We celebrate evidence based strategic thinking grounded in robust methodologies. Our team has the curiosity and experience to deliver clear and actionable insights you can trust.

We are always on the lookout for talented people who are passionate about important and challenging research that makes a difference.

Whether you are a research graduate or an experienced researcher looking for full-time employment or project work, we would love to hear from you.

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Our clients


True Issues

True Issues is a unique regular trends monitor that provides the latest information on issue priorities impacting Australians.

True Issues, reported in the Australian Financial Review, has become an important and widely reported tool, tracking what Australians truly care about and where those priorities sit within the broader issues landscape. With data dating back to 2013 you can easily see what priorities drive choices in the marketplace and public discussion.

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