When asked to name up to three issues that personally interest or concern them the most and that the Australian Government should focus on, almost half of Australians (47%) describe issues related to hospitals, healthcare and ageing. Three in ten describe issues related to the economy and finances (32%) or employment and wages (30%).

This contrasts with our last True Issues poll taken in February, late in the catastrophic 2019-20 bushfire season, when the environment and climate change was most top-of-mind for Australians.

True Issues is a research tool to assist Australian businesses to understand where their issues truly sit within the contemporary issues landscape. This poll was conducted as an online survey between 1st – 5th July among a representative national sample of 1,000 Australians aged 18+ years.

True Issues 22 - Top prompted issues people care about

In July, four months into our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians are concerned for their health and the healthcare system, their financial security and the state of our economies. Their thoughts turn to issues such as cures and vaccines, quarantine and restrictions (and the penalties for those who break them), support for business and the unemployed, Australia’s economic recovery, and how to safely re-open borders and get back to work and a new ‘normal’.

With its impact across so many aspects of Australian life – health, the economy, business and industry, employment, immigration and border security, law and order –  the total number of Australians, who raise the COVID-19 pandemic as a top three issue or concern, is three in ten (30%).

This was an excerpt from our latest True Issues report, to read the full report, click the link below.

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