Communications and engagement research

Communications and engagement research

In a busy and cluttered information environment where people choose what media they engage with, it is imperative that communications and engagement activities are informed by research to ensure maximum effectiveness and value for money.

Research should identify the most effective channels, tools and messages to be noticed and cut-through so as to motivate, inform, educate or change attitudes or behaviours.

Our expertise spans communication strategy development as well as campaign development, refinement, tracking and evaluation. We have worked with federal and state governments on numerous occasions to develop benchmark, track and evaluate information and communications campaigns. Our approach ranges from involvement in all or some of the following stages of the campaign process:

  • comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research to provide a sound and robust understanding of the environment to inform development of the campaign strategy
  • qualitative concept testing to determine the idea that best delivers to campaign objectives
  • quantitative benchmark research prior to launch to enable clear tracking against campaign objectives
  • qualitative refinement testing to optimise campaign elements prior to launch
  • ensuring optimal channels are used by working with the advertising agency
  • arming the advertising agency with knowledge, attitudes and communication expectations to dispel misconceptions and ensure messages addressed  concerns or questions
  • once in market, quantitative tracking research to optimise the campaign and ensure the best outcomes for the client.

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