Government performance is stable across key areas and stronger on vision, leadership, quality of government.

Coming out of its recent election win, Government performance across key areas remains steady at the end of June 2019, rated as the same or slightly better than four months ago – although significantly improved on vision, leadership and quality of government (up 7 points to a performance index score of 42) in JWS Research’s latest True Issues survey. True Issues is a research tool to assist Australian businesses understand where their issues truly sit within the contemporary issues landscape. This poll was conducted as an online survey augmented with focus groups between 26 – 30 June among a representative national sample of 1,000 Australians aged 18+ years.

True Issues 19 - Government performance stable

Defence, security and terrorism remains the Government’s best performing area and it also continues to perform reasonably well on business and industry, foreign affairs and trade , mining and resources, and innovation, science and technology.

Australians believe Government has invested much in national and border security and, as a result, feel safe and that our borders are protected. Community perceptions of strong relationships with other nations and ease of access to their goods creates a sense that Government has been effective in foreign affairs and trade.

Focus groups support the perception that Australians want a return to focus on core government responsibilities, “I’m reasonably happy with the government,” said one older swing voter. As JWS Research Founder and Director John Scales indicated to Phillip Coorey in the Australian Financial Review earlier this afternoon, “The leadership turmoil and dysfunction has fallen away. In terms of looking forward, they still need to focus on key priorities and an agenda but the [focus] groups were happy for the economy to be managed well.”

This was an excerpt from our latest True Issues report, to read the full report, click the link below.

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