Facing rising household expenses, monthly RBA rate increases and a fixed-rate ‘mortgage cliff’, cost of living remains the most important issue Australians want the Federal Government to focus on (47% unprompted mentions, 76% prompted).

This is followed by hospitals, healthcare and ageing (31% unprompted, 59% prompted) – the leading issue among over 55s. Addressing housing and interest rates is now the third most important issue for Australians, up from last October (from 19% to 26% unprompted mentions, 41% to 46% prompted), while energy issues are now a lower community priority (down from 17% to 8% unprompted, 39% to 27% prompted) amid less intense debate around domestic energy supply and costs this year.



The Albanese Government maintains its positive overall performance rating (index score of 52) and has improved on the Morrison Government’s final ratings, particularly among men, the under 55s and lower income households.



However, the new Government has yet to make headway on the leading issues Australians want them to address, with its performance rated well below ‘average’ on living costs and housing and interest rates.

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