Most Australians have heard of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament but understanding of the idea remains limited.


When presented with the Government’s proposed three-point draft amendment to the Australian Constitution and referendum question, 42% of Australian voters say they would vote YES to change the Constitution to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice (similar to 43% in August).

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice is seen as an opportunity for formal recognition and to provide sustainable, structured advice which cannot just be ignored by government.

A smaller but increased proportion would vote NO, 28% (up from 23% in August), with some questioning the need for representation beyond Indigenous MPs and the advisory bodies that already exist, and the fairness of giving special voice to one group of Australians.

A further 30% of voters (similar to 33% in August) are either in need of more information, e.g. around the purpose, composition and powers of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, or are undecided.


This special True Issues Indigenous Voice to Parliament poll was conducted as an online survey between 24 – 27 February among a representative national sample of 940 Australian voters.

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